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Mundane Nirvana

A Webcomic Symphony

5/29/11 08:30 pm - tathrin - Mundane Nirvana Now For Sale!

That's right, true believers...the day you never expected to come has arrived! Mundane Nirvana now exists in print-format, available as a real live book with actual turning pages for all of your offline perusing desires!

All of the details, and ordering information, can be found on the website: http://mundanenirvana.comicgenesis.com

The book is 153 pages, full-color (where applicable--obviously the drawings that were originally in black-and-white remain in black-and-white), and you can view a preview of the front cover on the website, although of course the words of that image are different than the ones that will actually be on the cover itself. You can also get a sketch of your favorite character,  if you like.

Many thanks are due to Jessica, who was the impetus behind this printing endeavor. Thanks, Jessica, I hope you like it! 

9/10/10 09:13 pm - tathrin - Authorial Birthday

So, for anyone still following this, thought I'd just give you the heads-up: it's shortly to be the author's birthday and, as you may recall, she likes to get little stories as presents. As such, she is having another Fic Battle here for anyone who likes writing and feels like participating. Don't be shy! Ridiculous ideas and lack of skills are totally accepted, as are short little random bits of weirdness written off-the-cuff in about fifteen minutes, which just so happens to be exactly what the first story of the "battle" is this year. I'm just trying to set the bar nice and low for all of you, so...go write, True Believer! ;)

8/21/10 01:15 pm - tathrin - Errr...LJ Fail?

So, uh, hi...turns out we really, really fail at LJ notifications. In case anyone's still watching I mean it's only been, what, seven billion years since there was anything here to see, right?

Well, for anyone still lurking about, we sort of forgot to mention...

A Mother's Day Post
and a
Summer-ish Post.

Our apologies.

12/31/09 07:34 pm - ladielazarus - Happy New Year!

Hey-- Holiday Update up! 

Running to work now, but just wanted to let you guys know. :)

Have a safe and happy holiday.


8/31/09 11:33 pm - tathrin - Belated Notifications

Oh hey!
So...this is still here, yeah...ummm...oops?

In my defense, I thought LadieL had already posted a notification/comment/thingy about these updates (I totally texted her and asked her to ages ago! Not my fault!), all but the latest, which I was just coming here to write about. Sorry about the fail!

Okay, so, updates that we forgot to mention:
First I posted some sketches I did of Stargirl and Black Canary. Because they're awesome and I felt like it.

Then we have a totally (almost) true story. It happened verbatim, except that it turns out she was actually wearing lacy red panties instead of a thong. Whatever, the point is the same. I just assumed it was a thong because I mock her all the time for wearing them. (How can they be comfy? How? She says they are but I say it is all LIES!) Oh and also there was no grate; we don't have those in Savannah. It was just a gust of wind. But how could I resist the Marilyn Monroe opportunity?

Hmm. I may be giddy, a bit.

And then, today's update, which I was totally going to actually come here and post an LJ entry about on time for once before I realized how totally behind we were on our postings. Oops. Sorry about that! Anyway...today's update: Willow had no idea why Kitty was presenting the back of her hand to her. All she could think of was that, Ren Faire-style, she was supposed to kiss it. So she did. Which is, also, entirely a true story. Yeah, I have a negative tally in my Pop Culture Points bracket. All the time.

(Oh since we're being truthful, she didn't say that, she just cracked up laughing. But I wanted some actual dialog instead of just a blank look and laughter. Artistic license. That's why this isn't an autobio comic, we're just weird enough that we can draw moments from life into our crazy little webcomic world.)

...And now we're up to date. For now, at least. Actually, I think I don't have anything else drawn at the moment, so it may be a while until the next update (I think?), so maybe we'll actually be able to post about it on time. Which, I know, is a really crappy silver lining and a not-very-subtle way of saying, "oh hey so no updates for a while but maybe when I do get around to doing one eventually I'll tell you about it on time lol!" and trying to spin-control it so it sounds good for you. Very slick, no?

I'm trying to go down to visit LadieL and the roomies sometime soon, so mayhaps the trip will lead to some MN material. Who knows? As always, we appreciate you all still reading! :)

And if anyone has e-mailed us lately, I apologize. I really will find time to check into that soon, I promise, and will get back to you eventually. Although, LadieL, you have access to the account, too, so y'know...COUGHCOUGHhintCOUGH. ;)

7/13/09 09:55 am - tathrin - They do smell bad on the outside...

ALERT: Tauntaun Jesus is real!
Thanks, keith_m043 , for sending this our way; that's awesome!

6/30/09 11:21 am - tathrin - Genmoded Spawn

Ha ha, an update at last, and it posts just in time for the author to leave for the land of dial-up...

(That's right, Kitty's gone home to visit the family. Everyone wish her luck.)

But anyway, the new update...it came out of my Classics of SciFi class, wherein we had to read Beggars in Spain, which was quite good, and then watch Gattaca, which was also quite good, and thus engendered many conversations on the idea of fetal genetic modifications. Would you or wouldn't you, and if so, what specifically would you mod and what would you leave to chance? Interesting things to ponder, I thought.

And no, I wouldn't give a baby elf ears. What if they turned out to have more of a dwarfish personality? That would just be awkward. ;)
Not to say that I would be displeased if my mom had done so for me, of course!

But anyway, trusty readers, your thoughts?

5/29/09 12:47 pm - ladielazarus

Okay-- seriously.. this only shows a tenth of the disappointment I think we all felt.

Aaand, is it just me or does this strip kind of remind me of the one we did about the Star Wars Holiday Special? I just thought it had a certain resemblance.


Today seriously sucks. But, at least there's a new comic up.


5/21/09 01:12 pm - tathrin - Where neither one has gone before...

Oh crap, sorry I didn't post here when the strip went up...but there's a new one!

It's not my fault, though. LadieL told me she was posting this time.
I trusted her to post! It's not my fault! I trusted her to post...stupid deal-altering Sith Lords...

Anyway, in summation, the new Star Trek movie was really good.
I've only seen literally a handful of ST things before (although I have assimilated a great deal of knowledge about the various shows through general geek osmosis and my work at the comic store. Not enough to catch easter eggs or anything in the movie, but enough to know that it was awesome on its own merits, as well as an appropriate Trek story. Enough to geek out like a spazz and appreciate the excellent job they did designing a new look that stayed faithful to the old. Whoever they had in their concept department were geniuses.) LadieL saw and knew less even than I did. Basically, we were very much not Trekkies. Didn't have anything against it, just didn't know it. And now we're both in love.

And I really really really wish that this movie was the kick-off event to a new series that was on TV right now because I want to watch more. Now. I mean, at least everyone's signed on for two more movies, but that's not right now. You know?

On the upside, have discovered that SciFi channel is rerunning episodes of STNG, which I've never seen any of before, so that's cool...

Also, after our second viewing, LadieL declared me Spock. I'd have argued the point, because I prefer pointy ears that don't have that Vulcan curve to their tips, but...I really couldn't.
It would have been illogical. ;)

5/17/09 12:01 pm - tathrin - Addendum to our last...

So, because the author demanded it...and I thought I might as well share her ridiculousness brilliance with all of you...we have two shirts based off the previous strip.

Because that's what ladielazarus  really, really wanted.
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